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Michelle McLean-Bailey
Former Miss Universe

Evelize Moraes Rocha
European Model

Elle Bugge
International Model

International Award Winning Band

Stephanie McIntosh
Pop Star & Actress - Neighbours TV Series

With over 100 million people watching me every day, my hair has to be absolutely perfect.

Hannah McCuaig
Mrs World 2009 - England


Krupa Parma Rao
Mrs World 2009 - Scotland


Liz Luttig

For some years, I was unable to grow my hair to any remarkable length or achieve reasonable volume. In desperation, I checked out many different hair extension options. None of them gave me the look I was after, and there were problems with matting, hair shedding and damage to my own hair.

Then I discovered Flashpoints®. You know, they really are superior. When I look in the mirror I can’t believe it’s me and the best part is, no one can tell the difference between my real hair and my Flashpoints®.

Sarah Wilhelmy
UK Olympic Athlete

If someone would have said to me 2 years ago that I would have the hair I always wanted, I would have said, "you're dreaming." But then I heard about Flashpoints® and now I have the hair I always admired on supermodels and celebrities.

And whats more, I don’t have to change my lifestyle to keep it, I can compete with them, without any restrictions and look like I’ve just stepped out of a salon everyday.

Melissa Behnke
Mrs World 2009 - Ireland

I am loving my AmoreHair Extentions! At the Mrs World Pageant, I felt like I had a competitive edge with my long, strong and healthy looking hair (which was really your extensions). Now I don't mind having my picture taken because my hair always looks great!

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